EzoBord is solving acoustic design challenges across a variety of applications with its high-performance, adaptable products. The material is flexible, lightweight, sustainable, easy to install and cost-effective.

Imagine office partitions, desk screens, workstation tiles, backboards, wall panels, and decorative installations that absorb sound and help to create a space that will work for the customer's needs. Colour, pattern and shape can be customized to your needs, project, and space. Imagine the possibilities!

EzoBord offers the design freedom to affect the acoustic experience in any environment while exploring shape, form, material, pattern, texture and custom graphics to craft the perfect feature for every environment. Use ezoBord features to articulate space, brand environments, create privacy and shape experience.



Design driven acoustics

EzoBord offers high-performance acoustic products to shape the acoustic experience of any environment. Customize the colour, pattern and shape to meet your needs.

MilYu Territory

British Columbia (BC)
Alberta (AB)