Business with design at heart

MilYu is a growing agency for architectural products and furniture. Founded by Joan Kraayvanger in 2013 and based in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, MilYu merges passions for people, design, furniture and problem-solving. 

It wasn't a straight path to MilYu. Joan completed her degree in Interior Design at the University of Manitoba and moved to the balmy West Coast. She interned and practised at some of Vancouver's leading design firms before co-launching a boutique interior design studio, Duo Designs. Fifteen years of professional practice came before an opportunity to shift gears and work for Herman Miller. Her role as business development manager at the local dealership focused her passion on interior objects and turned her into a first-rate furniture junkie. 

What we believe

MilYu is a choice. A decision to build a business based on trust, sound strategies and calculated risks but always with our client's best interests at heart. We're building our success by sharing our passion for design, living up to our promises and doing what we believe, every day.

We believe our relationships are the key to success — relationships with our clients, design community, dealer network and manufacturers. We represent companies whose purpose and products focus on innovation, design and the environment. They share our belief that business relationships start with personal integrity and a common goal. They put customers first, trusting that we will work together to solve any problems along the way. 


A play on words

MilYu is a play on the Old French "milieu" — a word that translates to "middle place" or, by modern definition, the physical or social setting where things happen. This captures the concept for MilYu: to offer a unique, curated portfolio of products for beautiful spaces that bring people together.